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Pradeep Vijay



Pradeep V is a passionate Aero-modeler who started building model aircraft's at an early age. He has developed his passion through time and now is inspiring students to take up Aero-modeling. From building match box planes to having his students participate in International Aero-modeling Competition  he has come a long way.


He believes that theory and practical must go hand in hand and the latter is of more importance. He conceptualised the idea of combining hobby and skill development in an attempt to bridge the gap of skill requirement in the field of aircraft's and aerospace. He is the chief designer for HLI and all the models are built and tested to perfection by him.

Leo Peter Charles

Co Founder 


Leo Peter Charles is an Aeronautical Engineer from MVJ College of Engineering. A multi-faceted person , he wanted to take his dream of Aircraft and share it with students so that they get a head start in their careers.


Having presented innovative ideas at leading seminars and events he aims to take his knowledge and experience to the younger generation. A self motivated  person, he loves to teach and learn with children as they grow to empower future India . He is involved in designing and developing the education programmes the HLI offers.